The Bullard EDC’s primary mission is to increase commercial development within the City of Bullard.  Incentives are used to help new businesses coming into the Bullard community or to help existing businesses expand their business within Bullard.

Incentive programs provide benefits to Bullard by lowering unemployment and increasing both sales and ad valorem tax revenue.

Development incentives are negotiated on a case-by-case basis to assist eligible companies to expand or locate to the Bullard area.  Whether any particular project is eligible for incentives will depend on a number of factors which include the types and numbers of jobs created, the type of product or service offered by the business, the type of business, the valuation of any new development, and projected sales tax revenues.

Incentives may be provided directly by the Bullard EDC, or in partnership with the City of Bullard or the Tyler Economic Development Council. 

EDC Funds

The Bullard EDC provides direct financial support to approved projects in support of new commercial development or the expansion of existing businesses.   These funds are

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Tax Abatements

Tax abatements are a common economic development tool that can defer property taxes on new plant and equipment expenditures for expanding companies. The City of

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Chapter 380 Contracts

Chapter 380 of the State of Texas Local Government Code allows municipalities to making loans and grants to stimulate business and commercial activity in the

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